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Unified Communication

Unified communications and collaboration (UCC) is the collection of technology and software that combines enterprise communication with real time, asynchronous cooperation capabilities. UCC takes the various methods used in individual unified communications (UC) and collaboration solutions and makes them available through a single interface to improve connectivity and productivity. Components of UCC could include email, voicemail, calendars, scheduling tools, video conferencing, instant messaging (IM), desktop sharing and VoIP. Additionally, functionality may include presence tracking, which is the ability to tell whether a contact is busy or free, and unified messaging, which is the ability to retrieve all messages from a central location.




A telephone switch that supports both

IP-based (VoIP) and PSTN calls. If IP phones are used within a company that continues to use PSTN landlines, the PBX converts packet-switched IP calls to circuit-switched TDM calls for the telco and vice versa. IP PBXs also support traditional analog and digital telephones, allowing enterprises to migrate to an all-IP telephony environment.

Call Center

Call Center

This makes it all the more important to have seamless, efficient, and intelligent communications tools for your call center.

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